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Lately I've been spending my music time creating a browser-based instrument, rather than creating tunes. The website,, is an interesting way to combine my passion for synthesis, web UX, and coding into a tool I can share freely with anyone who has internet access.


Dyzo Blue remixes Clara Lofaro’s Born to love you

Dyzo Blue reimagines Clara Lofaro's Born to love you as house music.


Dyzo Blue remixes Dave Keener’s Slugger

Dyzo Blue reimagines Dave Keener’s Slugger as electronica. Read Dave's blog post about the production process, here.


Introducing Dyzo Blue

Dyzo Blue is my new musical persona. The focus is Moombah, Trap and Experimental Breakbeats.


Black Cherry : Lost in the System (Mitch Wells RMX)

Black Cherry is a London based trip-hop band that asked me to remix this single.


Corey Baker & Indicant : Slow on the Uptake (Mitch Wells RMX)

Quoting the press release:

The brilliant echoes of Corey Baker & Indicant's "Slow on the Uptake" return to NOSI for a warm clutch of remixes from some of the finest underground artists.

Mitch Wells jacks the production into a gigantic outer space lightning storm. Attack drums chunk out the center while swirled intoxicated alien effects blur your vision. Voice samples echo through the space asking for decoding. This is a huge cut with one step in the new beat formats and frightening energy, and the other in epic electronic production. Vivid and intense.


Mitch Wells, Sleepy & Boo : There was a Feeling

Sleepy & Boo drop our brand new track at Cielo, NYC. Crowd digs it.


Tristan Dominguez & Mitch Wells : Square World EP

Tristan Dominguez & Mitch Wells release this techno EP on the Netherland's Kynatix Records! DJ Support: Dubfire (USA), Kazell (USA), Judge Jules (UK), Brad Slims (USA), AJ Morris (USA), and many others.


Mr Soaker : Luquillo (Mitch Wells RMX)

For their 44th release, NOSI music delves into the sight and sound of the future with this detailed Dubstep digger. With lugged out sonic bass rubs, staggered synth melodics and pulled chords that speak of the future. Light tonal melodies placed high in the mix give it a clean open quality with plenty of room for breath, giving this ratcheted track a positivity many others of the genre lack.

Mitch Wells turns the original inside out with a frenetic frontal Drum & Bass approach. Big drop offs allow just enough time to zoom into giga-valleys of sound. The details are rich, heavy, and abstract.


Mitch Wells : Body Thetan

Mitch Wells produced this DubStep track around a Wikileaks audio recording, purported to be of L. Ron Hubbard, giving a confidential lecture in 1968 on Scientology.


Scanners : Baby Blue (Mitch Wells RMX)

Mitch Wells won the Heineken Green Shoelace Remix Challenge with his remix of the Scanners' "Baby Blue".


The Invisible Kid : Sometimes (Mitch Wells RMX)

The Invisible Kid is the brainchild of New York City-based producer / songwriter / performer Daniel Lee. The Mitch Wells Remix of Sometimes was released by Bikiniwax Records in November 2009. It is available at iTunes and

Free Toy Miatch

Download the template. Then, print it, cut it, fold it and bam: Cute new toy for your desk!



In fall 2007, Mitch began working with vocalist Lira Son, as KBOT. Their full-length debut album, Dropping Magic, was released in the spring of 2008. Listen to it, here.

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Music available at

See also, merchandise